Final Remarks


Viper is an open and collaborative development effort. It is built by volunteers from all over the world. Following are the ones who contributed up to the latest stable release:

$ git shortlog -s -n
   447    Nex
    95    kevthehermit
    51    Raphaël Vinot
    26    Alexander J
    22    emdel
     8    Luke Snyder
     7    Neriberto C.Prado
     6    Sascha Rommelfangen
     5    Beercow
     5    SnakeByte Lab
     4    Seth Hardy
     3    =
     3    Csaba Fitzl
     3    Dionysis Grigoropoulos
     3    Jerome Marty
     3    nidsche
     2    Sam Brown
     2    haellowyyn
     1    Alex Harvey
     1    Ali Ikinci
     1    Boris Ryutin
     1    Nasicus
     1    S0urceC0der
     1    Tobias Jarmuzek
     1    binjo
     1    dewiestr
     1    dukebarman
     1    jekil

Join Us

The best way to start contributing to the project is by start digging through the open tickets on our GitHub. Before submitting code make sure you read our Contribution Guidelines and that you thoroughly tested it.

You can also join our conversions by getting on IRC on FreeNode on channel ###viper.